Rye House

Rye House

Rye House recently opened in Port Chester, New York. It is a fiasco of seemingly good ideas thrust together to create what would best be called a tavern that's trying too hard, and, to no avail. It boasts of "Regional American Cuisine" yet their Appetizers all have Asian influence without a touch of imagination, and their Entrees are all of southern descent, including Shrimp and Grits, Cornbread, Brisket and Fried Chicken.

Their Crispy Duck Roll is served with Hoisin sauce, something you can buy at any Chinese Restaurant, and most likely, better and for less. It is however, crispy, so at least I can say that they know how to fry something. The waitresses are awkward and their poor attempt at ambience simply resulted in a couple across the room taking out their iPhones and using their flashlight to read the menu. The special of the day, a triangular shrimp toast, was a liquefied mixture of shrimp which was then undercooked, giving it an egg-like texture, and the amount of grease left on the toast itself was disgusting. I did not take a second bite. 

Come here for a beer or two. Have three or four if you want to eat and be able to swallow.

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