De-Stress During Finals Week

It’s finals week, which means you’re probably ordering takeout at three in the morning while weeping over the study guide that you’ve been working on for ten hours that still isn’t finished.

A ton of people eat when they are stressed. It’s my first finals week at Syracuse and I have found myself anxiously going through bags and bags of chips while staring at the list of things I have to do to finish out the semester. 

Stress-eating is something we all do, especially this week. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid stress altogether, but we can choose snacks that chemically combat stress.

I’ve researched the warriors of the food world who can help you win your battle against stress, and all you have to do is eat them. 

Avocados are known for having calming effects. No wonder why you’ve been non-stop thinking about Chipotle!! During your study break, race down to Marshall and grab some guac!

Sugary foods decrease levels of anxiety-producing hormones. Now you have an excuse to have some more ice cream. You’re welcome.

Complex carbohydrate-rich foods raise serotonin levels, so go heavy on the carbs but make sure they aren’t so refined that they’re white! Go for whole grains like quinoa, oatmeal or plain-old whole wheat bread. 

Nuts have magnesium which also help with stress! Make yourself a peanut butter sandwich on some whole wheat bread, you’ll calm down in no time.

Dark chocolate (make sure it has a cocoa content of 70% or more) is the most endorphin-producing food on earth. It also has a chemical called anandamide, which mimics marijuana’s effects on the brain. This is your chance to legally de-stress! 

Berries and citrus, rich in vitamin C, help combat stress too. Grab yourself some fresh fruit and throw those chips away, I’m about to!

Any kind of warm drink, whether it be tea or hot cocoa, raises your body temperature. Scientists have found that we associate hot drinks with comfort, our brains respond accordingly, and we naturally calm down. 

So the next time you’re itching to munch your worries away, choose a snack that will actually do the job!

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York: Armoury Square, Syracuse NY

York: Armoury Square, Syracuse NY