Welcome Members of the Court

Welcome Members of the Court

Sky high heels are not the norm anymore. My old saying was: “If they’re less than five inches, I’m not wearing them.” All across America, women young to old adopted the idea of the stiletto, the platform shoe. Lady gaga wore Dragon and Armadillo heels from Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, Plato’s Atlantis, in her music video, BadRomance in 2009, and even wore 24 inch Thierry Mugler platform boots at an MTV event in Japan. Having a celebrity as influential as Gaga wearing heels like those only helped to continue this phenomenon.

Lady Gaga at an MTV Event in Japan

Lady Gaga at an MTV Event in Japan

But of course, every woman went crazy for them. No matter how hard to walk in, extremely high heels made us feel poised. In fact, in order to wear them we had to walk in a different way that made us appear more regal and larger than life. These shoes gave us supermodel height without the genes. The Lita- one of Jeffrey Campbell’s most famous and best selling shoes, had a heel height 5.25" and a platform height of 2”, making a total of 7.25 inches that was personally, a staple in my closet. 



Gaga seen tripping… pretty much everywhere she went. Models falling on the runways left and right…


The Solution? The Court Shoe.

A simple, 2-4 inch heel that has become one of the biggest fashion statements of the year. Able to be paired with anything, these shoes are the epitome of elegance and can transform boyfriend jeans and a tshirt to a classy, professional outfit. Move over sky-high heels, class is taking over, and I recommend you buy a pair. Scratch that- as many pairs as you can get a hold of.


                                      Here are my favorites:


                                     Jeffrey Campbell Darling Pump in Mint


                                      ZARA Silk Satin High Heel Court Shoe




                                    Seen on the Street


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