Get Dressed Girls

Get Dressed Girls


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The universe works in strange ways. Any day can be the day that you need to make a first impression, and especially living in a city where anything can happen, you need to step up to the plate. Looking your best can, and will open doors.

Always dreamed of being a model but never got your chance? Well, that woman who just passed by you downtown very well could have been a model scout, searching for a fresh face. A face that could have been yours if you hadn’t gone out walking in sweatpants and your leftover makeup from last night. 

In a city of 8 million, we girls need to stand out, no matter the circumstances. Always dress and look like you’re about to see your ex for the first time. I suggest having one item in your closet that you can throw on at a moments notice and will make it look like it took you hours to get ready. I have a dark blue smock dress that I throw on whenever I need to go anywhere and don’t have a plan for what to wear. 

A simple, classy dress, flats, with your hair up in a bun or high ponytail and a quick swipe of lipstick will take you from drab to- yes, I’m going to say it- fab.

Ever seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Audrey Hepburn woke up, threw on a dress, a few simple accessories and lipstick and in just a few minutes she became the best looking woman going to SingSing... and won Paul Varjek’s heart. 



Dress: professional, classy, but keep it casual

Lipstick: Any color that accentuates your skin tone- Don’t try any vivid colors until well into the afternoon… no one’s eyes are ready for hot pink lips at 8 in the morning

ASOS flats, Calypso nude flatsChloe plum suede flatsblack leather flats

Shoes: I wear flats or court shoes, because they keep me comfortable and are easy to slip on and off, however never never never pair sneakers with a dress!(Quick tip: only wear sneakers if you’re at the gym or hiking some obscene mountain- don’t wear them, or in fact, be seen in them unless you have to)

Welcome Members of the Court

Welcome Members of the Court

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