Creole Soul Cafe Review

My friend ate the entire sandwich, only pausing to say- “I still can’t believe this is alligator.” He mentioned in awe how everything we tried had a smooth spice to it, and deeply appreciated the layering of flavors. Seeing how he is with dining hall food- that’s to say eating a piece of pizza here and there – I was grateful that he stepped out of his comfort zone. In the Creole Soul Cafe cuisine, exists a place where trying new foods doesn’t have to be scary.

Since there are no real negative effects of GMOs that we know of and they are in pretty much every food you eat except Chipotle’s, I wouldn’t worry. However, the next time you sit down to another burrito, keep in mind that Chipotle is trying to have your back. 

York: Armoury Square, Syracuse NY

Sitting there, scraping the inside of bone for more fat, more juice, as some is already dripping down your wrist to your arm, you are forced to accept a feeling inside of yourself that leans toward savagery.

 It is my first love, the lobster roll in which I base every other lobster roll off of, and is the only lobster roll which could be accurately described as two lobsters sandwiched between ciabatta. Be prepared for the Canal Cafe to ruin every other lobster roll you will have for the rest of your life while listening to live music and watching the sun set across the Shinnecock canal. 

When I was a little girl, my parents would drag my brother and I along on their trips across the North Fork to every winery they came across, often settling in at the end of the day at a winery that struck them as different than the others. Now, instead of beginning our wine route with the first vineyard we spot on the road, we head first and often stay for hours at Shinn Vineyards. 

Rye House

Rye House recently opened in Port Chester, New York. It is a fiasco of seemingly good ideas thrust together to create what would best be called a tavern that's trying too hard, and, to no avail.